Yes, you can get there from HERE

Write your book, go on the journey, experience the adventure. Make your dream a reality. Progress from a vision to an actual page turning piece of art.

Do YOU dream of writing a book?

“The scariest moment is just before you start. But, you can, you should and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.”

Stephen King, International bestselling author

Follow the Five Step Plan

  • Identify - the kind of book you plan to write? Novel, memoir or non-fiction
  • Map it out - the overview - chapter by chapter, story by story, year by year
  • Write every day - becoming an author is all about words on paper - talking about a book is not writing a book
  • Edit - several times, first by you then by a professional - delete words, stories or characters who do not serve the narrative of the book
  • Publish - find an agent or self publish

Writing by numbers

500 -750 words a day

A chapter a week- 3,000-4,500

12-15 chapters in non-fiction or memoir  

20-25 chapters for novel
20 weeks writing

6 weeks editing 

6 months to write YOUR book 

Traditional publishing timetable 1-2 years 

Self publish one day 

Your choice - to write alone, with a peer group, with a book coach

  • Writing alone allows you to create and only share the work when you are ready
  • You can also work with a peer group - in person or on line - people who will listen to you work, encourage your efforts and expect you to do the same for their writing
  • One on one coaching - a book coach uses their experience to motivate, guide and mentor you. They offer writing advice as well as support when the going gets tough

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Will you write it, speak it or use a ghost writer?

    • Welcome to class...

    • What kind of book are you planning to write ? Memoir, novel or non-fiction?

    • Memoir, novel or non-fiction?

    • Let's Bake a Book

    • Print or ebooks - which should you choose?

    • The five Ws. Who, Where ,When, What. Why - And How?

    • THREE common mistakes new authors make that defeat their attempts to write a best-selling book to wider audience.

    • Fasttrack your book-2

  • 2

    Where, When, Who, What, Why? And How.

    • Traditional or Self Publishing - which is best?

  • 3

    Traditional or Self Publishing - which is best?

    • Name one common mistake new authors make when attempting to produce a best seller.

Ellen Frazer-Jameson - International Author

In an exciting and successful international career, I have broadcast to millions of people, written hundreds of articles, features and major series in national newspapers, appeared on countless television shows and taken lead roles on stage in original plays I have written and produced. I have written more than a dozen books - six non-fiction and seven novels and I consider becoming a published author, my greatest achievement. Let me share with you a secret about writing books, Out of a 100 people who say they want to write a book - not more than three or four will ever do it. You can beat the odds. Write your book now. Visualize that book on your coffee table with YOUR name on the cover. There’s never been a better time for you to put pen to paper.

Fast track your book

Ellen Frazer-Jameson will show you how to make it HAPPEN!